Industry Guidance Program

2018 Industry Guidance Program (IGP)

Professional Registrations >>> OPEN NOW

Download Industry Guidance Program (IGP) for PROFESSIONAL Members

Student Registrations >>> OPEN 16th April 2018 and CLOSE 30th September 2018

Download Industry Guidance Program (IGP) for STUDENT Members

QIDA Industry-Guidance is a relationship oriented program which teams up a Professional Member and a Student Member with the aim to generate a positive outcome for both sides – the Professional Guide as well as the mentored student.

Rather than creating a strict Mentoring Program QIDA implements a flexible peer to peer guidance scheme based on personal contact and communication with the intention to amplify professional development within our industry for all participating and contributing parties. QIDA Professional Development Department will provide the framework of the guidance program and oversee the execution to assure a performance-enhancing outcome for all participants.

The Professional Members acting as a Professional Guide will be able to demonstrate and share their professional and personal attributes and experiences thus being in a position to exercise their leadership skills. In return the Guide will get insight in student’s current college life, requirements and abilities generated in the respective schools.

The Student Members will be able to get an insight in their future field of profession, be able to ask questions and retrieve guidance and advice during their times of study by a “real” professional within the industry thus being in a position to grow and develop throughout the process.

The Industry-Guidance Program is intended to be a two-way learning scheme based on communication and exchange to collectively master the future challenges of our industry. Feedback to and interaction with the body of QIDA will guarantee a continual improvement and further development of the program to corporately shape the future of our industry.