Meet our Committee

QIDA celebrates over 10 years as an association with founding members still participating as active members within the association. Committee members volunteer their time and expertise to the association after having been nominated and voted to the position at the Annual General Meeting. Members are welcome to get involved by volunteering their assistance on sub-committees and with up-coming projects.

Current Committee

Paul Coulson
Paul Coulson
Claire Perham
Claire Perham
Rosanna Pappalardo
Rosanna Pappalardo
Nicole Clark
Nicole Clark
Natasha Hodgson
Natasha Hodgson
Associate Memberships
Kim McLeod
Student Memberships
Jenna Yeo
Jenna Yeo
Professional Memberships
Marilo Collins
Marilo Collins

Honour Board

2017/2018 Committee

President – Sandra Dara Treasurer – Julie Shaw Secretary – Michelle Caust Advertising & Marketing – Kristy Keegan Events – Carly Dibble Web – Debora Lima-Abreu Social Media – Julie Richardson Professional Development – Lisa Chapman Professional Memberships – Camelia Tarau Associate Memberships – Natasha Hodgson Student Memberships – Emily Durkin Student Liaison – Luwana Holzworth

2016 Committee

President – Virginia Bishop Treasurer – Josephine Hancock Secretary – Rachel Murray Advertising & Marketing – Kristy Keegan Events – Kerrie Jackson Professional Development – Anne Maurer Membership – Leandra Tuck Student Membership – Luwana Holzworth

2015 Committee

President – Chris Gilmour/Tracey McLeod Treasurer – Melissa Dixon Secretary – Rachel Murray Advertising & Marketing – Nicole James Events – Lynn Hill Web & Social Media – Jenny Mears Professional Development – Maree O’Shea Membership – Paul Coulson

2014 Committee

President – Christine Gilmour Treasurer – Melissa Dixon Secretary – Rachel Murray Advertising & Marketing – Nicole James Events – Michelle Valori Web & Social Media – Jenny Mears Professional Development – Maree O’Shea

2013 Committee

President – Dominique Mills Marketing Officer – Tonya Scheiwe Treasurer – Sandra Dara Secretary – Vicki Clifford Professional Development – Christine Marshall

2012 Committee

President – Dominique Mills Secretary and President Elect – Sharon Oliver Treasurer – Kate Graham Marketing Officer – Tonya Scheiwe Professional Development Officer – Maree O’Shea

2011 Committee

Present – Dominique Mills Treasurer – Kate Graham Secretary – Melinda Cross Marketing Officer – Tonya Scheiwe Professional Development Officer –  Maree O’Shea

2010 Committee

President – Maree O’Shea Treasurer – Julie Mitchell Secretary – Dominique Mills Marketing Officer – Tonya Scheiwe

2009 Committee

President – Lynn Liniger Treasurer – Lynette Smith Secretary –  Dominique Mills

2008 Committee

President – Anne Gillis Vice President –  Angela Jefford Treasurer – Kirsty Armstrong Secretary –  Lynn Liniger Professional Development –  Maree O’Shea Marketing – Rita Ackermann

2007 Gala Committee

Jillian Hood Carmel Reggi Tina Bugeja Jenny Brown Angela Jefford

2006 Committee

President – Rosanna Pappalardo Vice President – Kay Kenny Treasurer – Helen Young Secretary –  Nicky Oscroft

2006 Gala Committee

Donna McHugh Lyn Wyatt Tracie Dunne Jane Wighton

2005 First Committee

President – Donna McHugh Vice President – Rosanna Pappalardo Treasurer – Lynn Wyatt Secretary – Karen Tattersall

2004 Foundation Members

Donna McHugh Lyn Wyatt Karen Tattersall Rosanna Pappalardo Tracie Dunne Jane Wighton Donna Innocenzi Allison Casson Allison Ahern